Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Tahora Autumn Shoot

Tahora Autumn Shoot
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Learning the basic skills of video production. The kids had learnt a lot with Mike last year about point of view and taking a good photo. Had to borrow the Firewire card & cable from SPS - took a photo of the gear so Carolyn could send it into her IT provider and order the right bits. The kids worked out pretty well how to download their video on the laptop - pretty easy with XP – Wizard takes u right through the process. Used Richard's idea about the 10 second (well maybe 15 second shot) rule to avoid miles of editing and to get kids thinking carefully about the direction of their scenes.
They then went on to edit, add music, work with sound – narration, muting video, jazzing it up with transitions & titles, saving as a movie etc.
Lots happening on the Internet now we've all got FAST internet access. The kids are doing a topic study on Ancient Egypt and are following a webquest – the tasks in this webquest don’t just have them looking up facts on line, but give ideas that they can follow up in off the computer activities – eg making games, preparing food... (What is the address of that website Carolyn?)
Demonstrated Digital Learning Objects and went onto Te Patika with Carolyn to register for some for Tahora School.

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