Monday, 16 May 2005

Stratford Primary

One on one PD time again with a few teachers at Stratford. Introduced Clarissa to the Sina administration tools in School Zone. Recommend that she run a quick check once a week to see all are cybersafe – check Top 100 sites (for appropriate use), check the weekly security reports and check the filtered spam to make sure there is nothing caught there that should have been sent through. (I found a number of personal messages for me in there!!! Oops but glad I found them :-)
Penny & Lynn learnt how to make basic web pages (using Word or FrontPage), link them together and add them to the school intranet. Lynn is going to teach the Computer Mentors so they can get a homepage up for all the classes. Lynn would also like to be able to use the Intranet to direct teachers to relevant resources either online or on the school network.
Had lengthy discussions with Penny about server requirements, network structure & desktop configuration as we examine a couple of quotes for a much needed server replacement. Liaised with IT providers & Douglas from MOE about these server specifications & quotes - won’t go into details here…
I supervised Holly’s) first exam (our DigiOp technician – all done online, submitted and marked right away – 100% and it took her 10 minutes!! Well done – obviously been studying hard.
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