Sunday, 6 November 2005

Engagement Plus ++++

What purposeful learning - all self-directed with a few tips from me.
My son would kill me (but i know he doesn't read my blog ;-)
It all started with an i-pod & a teenager & here are the steps that follow:

  • copy my cds to the computer to upload on my i-pod (download the most updated iTunes 1st)
  • i want to remix... editing software? file formats don't match?
  • download audacity - the file formats don't work - download the lame.dll to do it with
  • import cut & paste the bits of music
  • uum need to add my own bits - download acid express - get some extra loops & tracks in there
  • uuum the file formats just don't fit between these 3 programmes - download an mp3 convertor - convert and import back into iTunes - voila
What a proud mum i am - but may be not so - the purpose of all of this was to remix the most awful version of all Eminem's worst, rudest, foul-mouthed parts of different songs into one penultimate mean-as, rude-as song.
I couldn't help myself - as i am always looking for the next thing you could do "How can you work out how to download your remix on to your phone & create your own ringtones?" Did i say that?! i should have bitten my lip...
Fantastic skills - context??? pretty gross but i guess that's where the engagement comes in - now the challenge to channel the power and the purpose together.
As for the finished product - keep the earphones on Sean - i don't want to hear it!!!
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