Sunday, 20 November 2005

He'll be OK

Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men

This book comes out of Celia Lashlie's work in boys secondary schools called the Good Man Project. What is a good man? How do we help our boys grow to be good men? What awesome insights she brings straight from the hearts and minds of the young men she worked with. She has certainly woken up some ideas in me. A must read for parents and for teachers of adolescent boys/ young men.
Thank you so much to Rae for all the times I sat with her worried about one of my boys and she would say 'He'll be OK!'

"Do you think you'll ever have a life plan?
So how will your life sort itself out?
Oh, that's easy. I'll be about 25 and some gorgeous-looking chich will walk past. She'll have a great plan, so I'll just hook onto her."
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