Wednesday, 16 November 2005


An Internet Cafe @ Huiakama? Hmmm - why not - set up a wireless hotspot point in the carpark with the school network safely tucked behind it & you could have a good little fundraiser without the imposition of visitors traipsing through on a school day. I can just imagine it might become a popular campervan stop on the Forgotten World Highway. Wireless is needed out at Huiakama anyway to have some flexibility in computer arrangements around the school & access to the school house.
Zoe, Emily & Cheyenne have done an awesome job creating their video for the Zero Waste competition - excellent cameo appearance from Clare and Billy the sheep! I was pretty proud to see all they had done on their own - they only needed me for a little bit of tidying up in the editing department. Good stuff girls!
Marilyn & Robert & I had a play with Kidspiration. Robert has Aspergers and works intensively with Marilyn - he really tunes in when using the computer - even so not necessarily on the learning outcomes you are trying to work on :-) Digital Learning Objects - ha! who needs fancy flash things when you can make them yourself in Kidspiration - these are the ultimate reusable, repurposing resources. The downside is you can't really put any feedback mechanism into them & you have to be really imaginative to stretch their use beyond traditional pedagogical activities. I would be interested to see innovative uses for KidPix. What we found on templates on line was really a lot of 'worksheet' type activities - which i guess are OK if it means your Robert is going to be more focused & engaged but what else? An area for more investigation here.
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