Monday, 21 November 2005

Have Tools - Will Blog

St Joseph's Y8's have been inducted into the blogosphere today. A project to keep them engaged and onto it in the remaining short weeks left to them in the little people's world of Primary School :-) Some deliberations on my part on the best tool for the job - Blogmeister is great for a more 'controlled' environment & i set up a teacher's account & had a play over the weekend but for ease of use it comes nowhere near the wysiwyg post editing tool. I think i would use Blogmeiseter with a class looking at the long term of blogging but this project is just a 'snapshot' a blink in time for these kids who will be off and out there real soon. So we tried to make it as user friendly as possible. Not to say there are no checks in place. All blogs are set up so any new posts or comments pass by me, and all kids have signed a 'Bloggers Pledge' Like an Acceptable Use agreement but more specific to interacting in an on-line space. The big idea is a Digital Year Book - blog postings that reflect their years at St Josephs, this year as Y8's and the years ahead. Well they're on there now & i can see already that there will be lots of unintended lo's (learning outcomes) - just will try & pull them in past the joke page blog posts to some more serious reflections (Yeah right ;-) You can find links to all their blogs here. Plz visit them & leave them some comments. They would love to hear from you.
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