Thursday, 17 November 2005

Lead Teacher Ramblings

Lead teachers had an eclectic, animated, very interesting, to the untrained eye seemingly random discussion covered a range of areas. (Well yes ok some of it was pretty random ;-). The coversation ranged from critiquing the 'Inquiry Process' , balancing skills, process, content knowledge to how can we set up opportunities for teachers to get into each other's classrooms - match them up with the speed dating technique (Doh!) & BTW has anybody seen Pete's Pond yet? and so it goes on :-)

How focused and structured should our workshops be? Though we seemed to ramble over many areas there were quite a few ideas and things to think about that arose. I think of us as a 'think tank' - feeding off each other, sharing the good, the bad & the ugly of what is happening in our schools, what we would like to see happening, coming up with strategies & ideas to make things happen. Keeping each other inspired and motivated. For me this is especially important - this team of people keeps me inspired and motivated - I would have a very lonely job otherwise - in fact i just couldn't do it on my own. Thanks Guys!

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