Friday, 25 November 2005

The Road to Matau

Phew! I have lived all my life travelling these roads but I still never get used to the challenging drive. Though a good time to hook into my mp3 player and catch up on a few podcasts. One in particular today from Steve Dembo (Teach42) be careful what you publish on your blog or podcast - you never know what your employer might think of it!! Uuum - will keep that in mind ;-)
A no-text website is currently under construction at Matau - all based on pictures of the drive in to Matau, the Matau valley itself & close ups of significant places within the valley - pages linked together by hotspots on the pictures. Add some sound files & a Virtual Tour in the making! Yet to be published live. Alice is learning to stich together & resample photo's in Fireworks, insert them into a Dreamweaver page & create the hotspots. File management - again a biggy with webpages - set it up right first & you won't get lost with your files & folders trying to trace links that don't work.
The ED team has come together to determine their ICT focus for next year under the guidance of Richard. Some ideas already floating are student blogs across the schools & perhaps more trialling of webcams. Up & running within Matau but yet to link across the schools - watch this space :-)

DEJA VU!! I made a blog post like this last term! Same pic - same title...
(Is being a Facilitator like being in the movie Ground Hog day ;-)
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