Friday, 27 October 2006

Ask Dr Schmooze Clooze

The cable guys have been hard at work at Toko School for some time now. Here they are wiring up Richard's office & what a professional job they have been doing too. Everything is tucked & tidied away inside conduit (is that the word?) 4 power outlets to two cat6 outlets x 2 in each classroom throughout the school. Followed soon by the installation of a new SmartNet server. What a great initiative from the MOE for the few schools who have been able to benefit from this so far - hopefully more will too in the near future. Five of our 9 BardWired schools have already been upgraded through this initiative with one more in the pipeline. Thankyou to Douglas, Jonathon & team from the MOE you are doing a great job - keep working on that piece of string ;-) & keep it coming!
Richard has been hard at work devising the next cluster collaborative game due to kick off in Week 5 (6th November) It's called Ask Dr Schmooze and you can check it out on Toko's interact site. Get your kids involved & register now. Registrations from outside the cluster are welcome but you do need to be inside our Time Zone for this one. (maybe limited numbers with priority to cluster schools)
A big week for Toko next week with Camp Week - check out their camp blog to see what they get up to. This is a great way to share what's happening on camp with parents & the school community & afterwards an archived record of the event.
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