Wednesday, 18 October 2006

EPS Reloaded

Work has already started at Eltham Primary School on their new school buildings. Not only are the students documenting this on their blog but they published their first podcast/vlog all about it on podomatic. Yahoo - very exciting. Make sure you visit their blog & podcast & leave them a comment!
Megan & I revisited the long term ICT strategic plan today & it was really satisfying to look at how much has been achieved in the last 2 years. A long way to go but with a MOE assisted network upgrade together with a new block including learning centre - this time next year things will be really pumping along.
Having networked access really makes a difference but Eltham has soldiered on with the resources available knowing now that the light is at the end of the network tunnel sometime soon. Heather just by moving the computer from one side of the room to the other has discovered quite by accident today that she can now access an airport & so can get onto the internet & print. Sharon has created a 'webquest' without using the internet. This sounds interesting & will post this to Interact for sharing.
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