Friday, 13 October 2006

Postcards from Makahu

An awesome day with Jenny & the Makahu kids. We went on a photographic tour around the district - the kids had chosen several places of significance that they wanted to 'shoot'. The tunnel, Hopkirks gardens, lakes, waterfalls & hilltop views from their own farms. They had done some work beforehand viewing & discussing landscape photography so with a few ideas, some great locations & lots of borrowed cameras we had a big day out! The children chose their best 3 shots of the day to print and create postcards with that will be judged in their photo competition on Lamb & Calf Day. Jenny is trying out printing on different media so that their work can be displayed on souvenier items (such as coffee cups) Today they have Whangamomona in their lense sights so look out for their work at the Whanga Republic Day early next year. The hospitality and the scenary @ Makahu were superb. You can see some of our pictures on flickr. This would be a relevant and valuable contribution to the PukeAriki "Our Mountain" project. Hopefully the next Makahu blog updates will have more examples of their best work :-)
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