Sunday, 29 October 2006

Sophie's Wots Hot List!

What's hot for my Sophie (10 years old :-)

Just lately it's been emailing penpals found through Kids MC & writing on the bulletin boards at epals.

Favourite stupid site Badger, badger, badger .

On this awful, boring wet day signed up to StarDolls, Disneyland Virtual Magic Kingdom, Club Penguin.

Longstanding member of Runescape, Habbo Hotel & Neopets. She can also be found on America's Army!
Needless to say there's lots of talk about netsafety in our house put into practise today when i helped her tell on someone swearing on the dance floor at Habbo. Also some talk about media marketing strategies as she registers online with forms that ask her millions of questions which she doesn't need to answer.
No wonder she gets bored when she's not on the computer - all these cool games and people to talk to at her fingertips. It's really hard to get her interested in other stuff. Roll on the summer & lets get out of the house!
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