Friday, 27 October 2006

Unblock Sites

Am I a sick puppy sitting up at night checking out the sitemeter on my blogspot? Yes probably I am :-) But there are some interesting trends come up as you flick through the sitemeter stats. Quite a few come to the site through google searches & the keyword that keeps coming up again & again is 'unblock sites' and all of them are from all over the USA. Wow heaps of them & just in the last couple of weeks too - all hitting on the "Filtering Frustrations" post. Has the powers that be been tightening the screws more firmly on schools over there - I wonder?
Yes we have our frustrations here in working within a filtered system but at least we don't have to go through layers & layers of admin to get to unblock what we want to use. Tim from School Zone shared a few tricks with me that people have used to get around blocks but i won't publish them here as i bet a lot of those searches are from students wanting to get out of the school system & into the real world!
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