Monday, 30 October 2006

Getting to know Whanga

I spent the day with some of the Marco kids at Whangamomona today. They are off to the Telecom Road show next week and are preparing content for the webpage they will be making to promote their district and the Whangamomona Republic Day. We spent some time in the township taking photos. My advise to them was to take lots of photos from lots of perspectives and not to delete anything - well we came back with over 200 photos! So a quick lesson on editing, resizing, compressing & a bit of work in store choosing their best ones to go on their pages. You can find these all on flickr and again on their website when it's published. The children interviewed local identities about events & places of historical significance & recorded the audio using the movie feature on their digital cameras. They learnt lots they didn't know about their own small settlement and I am really looking forward to seeing their finished work. I will be back out there later in the year to help them with the finishing touches to their site. Whangamomona Republic Day is January 20th 2007 - get there if you can.
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