Tuesday, 24 August 2004

Eltham Primary

Team teaching with Bob in the ‘Learning Centre’ (Computer Suite). Bob’s objectives were to have his children & himself familiar with using the computers – routines & rules about appropriate use of the computer room and basic skills like logging on, finding & opening programmes, and saving work. They used Claris Works – Paint & Wordprocessing to create a presentation about themselves. The children also learnt how to use the camera and took photos of each other. Management of the children was a big focus – having them work effectively in teams, monitoring & assisting them in different activities, having alternative activities available as children waited for resources to become available (there were not enough working computers for the children to use even in groups of 3). Part of this management was spending some time to develop some ‘experts’ who were responsible for teaching others – taking photos, inserting images, saving work to the right place, downloading photos to the network etc. Technical considerations – individual class logons so that work can be saved to a separate area & so stuff doesn’t just get saved all over the network. Childrens’ folders set up before hand – there was no system of file management – this is important not just for the security of the childrens work but also so that the network doesn’t get clogged up with junk all over the place. The application programmes are not easily accessible and it was quite a mission to hunt through the Finder utility to find Claris Works – this should be on the desktop or the docking bar down the bottom. Phew - a network still in progress - but getting there.
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