Monday, 30 August 2004


Web Challenge – High Flyers and Sharon – the kids have done some great work on their web pages. They are so good at working things out for themselves – some students had created a Quiz using forms in FrontPage but couldn’t quite get it to work. One group were trying to get their Hyperstudio presentations to run off their webpages but to do this you need a plug-in that we were unable to download because of file size and bandwidth – we also decided that their webpage would not be very user friendly if everyone had to download a hyperstudio plug in so they decided to use screen shots of their work instead. With this group we focused on file management – where they saved their files and how they named them (eg index.html for the first page) and then we made sure they had a good navigation structure. They were a bit unorganised with how they were putting it all together – got there in the end. The Busy Bees (Juniors) have created a cool little site about what is happening on the farm – it was good to see all the planning and preparation that went into it - storyboarding & writing, taking good photos – seeing the process behind the product is where all the real learning is.
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