Thursday, 26 August 2004

Stratford Primary

Stratford will be having a poster session at NavCon on Digital Story books. Caught up with the students involved and had them design covers for their CDs and check through and fix up any minor errors in their work. The junior school was in the Info Centre as we were working so this was a good opportunity for them to share their work. Have asked the students to evaluate their learning by thinking about what they thought the benefits were of working in a digital format were as opposed to creating the hard copies of illustrated story books. This has been an interesting project but largely led by me with little participation from the senior team. I did spend some time one on one with Wendy looking at technical aspects such as putting work on the Intranet, creating links to it and copying the kids work to CD and making them AutoPlay. Future IT projects in the senior school need to be led by them and supported by me – instead of the other way around – maybe next term.
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