Wednesday, 4 August 2004


Room 10 are completely new! It’s great to see all these new 5 year olds – bright as buttons and keen to learn. Some work to do to enable access to the network & spent a good time working with the logistics of having a very old (32MB) computer and no network access. Working our way around this by having the Junior laptop up & running in this class and a very long network cable running into Room 9 – we will have to drill a hole in the wall so we can access the network port without jamming the cable in the door. After all of that we still couldn’t get on the network because we need to find out what the passwords are. In the meantime we set up a Reading folder with some story books downloaded from the Internet and the Digital stories that the senior students had made. Will spend some more time with Angela next week getting onto the school network and finding our way around the resources there.
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