Monday, 9 August 2004

St Josephs

Had a play with MUSAC trying to work out how to extract data to present graphical information – either as a function of MUSAC or from Excel. Found there is a feature called Adapt Analysis that can show graphical comparisons – though this is an add-on and costs another $100 to buy into. Another possibility is using the DataCube – I think you use this to select the areas you want to look at by applying filters – you can then export this data to Excel. I have very limited experience with MUSAC so it may be something they can pursue on their next MUSAC training session. Spent some time with Vicky learning how to make tables in Word & sorting them and caught up with the NetGuide Web Challenge kids to see how they were getting on & to help them out with their questions. Made sure I brought them altogether to talk about their new learning and encouraging them to help each other out by sharing what they had learnt. For example adding sound to a page or using code like marquee to make your words scroll across the page. Directed them to Webmonkey for Kids to find more cool code to play around with. It would be a good idea to register soon so that you get weekly newsletters and webmaking tips.

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