Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Stratford Primary School

Working with the junior school teachers – exploring school network resources, internet resources – TKI (subscribed to the newsletter), TKI search facility, exemplars, ARB, refining Internet searches to find relevant classroom material and how to use the Ctrl+F to find what you’re looking for in a page (sure beats scanning & skimming if you’re trying to get quickly to the point). Encouraging teachers to use the Internet more often in planning and preparation – it does take time but so does scrummaging through the Room 8 resource room. As they become more familiar with what’s available they begin to become more confident and to build a routine of where to go and how to find things and how to best adapt resources to suit their needs. Shared planning and resources on the Tech buddy system and an ICT activity – Class Scrapbook. This is a good starting point to build confidence not so much in the technology itself but in the planning to use it and classroom routines, management and basic skills. Did a short session with Room 9 on learning how to take digital photos, and taught Julie how to download them to the computer and how to format disks.
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