Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Toko School

Cybersense and Nonsense – staying safe online and critically evaluating websites with the yr7s. The aim was to make sure they know the basic rules of safe internet use – don’t give out any personal information, simple netiquette – being respectful to others online, and staying away from pop-ups and registration forms. Get your facts right by checking out a range of information sources and comparing them, looking at who wrote the web sites and why, and if you’re not sure about it ask your parents and teachers. The Cyberpigs interactive animation is a great tool to engage the students and get them thinking about the issues.
The yr 8s were a lot more Internet savvy – and had a few more ideas about the issues of Internet use. They applied their critical thinking skills to an online interactive Joe Cool or Joe Fool which looks at a range of different web sites and outlines scenarios associated with them. There was some good discussion throughout – students made good choices during the activity but does that lead to good choices in a real situation? I don’t know?
It was good to be able to work from a big screen using the data projector – live to an Internet site. It really enabled more discussion & interaction than if students had been sent to computers to work through the activity.
Observed & assisted the students in the afternoon as they registered for Maths Week and participated in the Olympics Online game.
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